WordPress has just reminded me that I started my blog a month ago. I have to note here that thank you internet, thank you wordpress, computers and the world for letting me write and express myself online. I do feel it is working. Writing through my pain and recounting events from the past help me to let go of them. That is what I am looking for. I want to be able to forgive and also a bit to forget. I would like to get it out and find the strengths from the events in the past. I didn’t know what kind of tool will be helpful for me. Writing was not my strength at university, I struggles very hard. Until I had a lecturer, who thought that my writing was actually really good and she was not afraid to give me good grades and encouragement. Now I do not have this writer’s block anymore. Just sit down and start. Thank you for those two teachers for the encouragements, I am deeply grateful for them.

Usually I tell people around me that I read a lot to self-help, self-educate, different point of views, and of course there are many good quotes out there that you read and say, haha, it’s true, or spot on, but you don’t actually think about them any further as they do not deeply apply for the moment. For me thinking more about the people, who do care about me and less about the army, who doesn’t is an important one. “Choose people, who choose you.” Whoever said that: yes, and thank you! It is good to make the circle smaller, it helps me focus and turn down the noise around me. So, today I have many grateful thoughts, and in that spirit I am going to put my energy into work that stems from my gratefulness. Thank you helpful teachers.


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