The idea of this blog is very simple. I need a space for myself, where I can tell my story from my point of view. Unfortunately in most places in the world, also where I live currently, I simply can’t afford to go into therapy. Mental health is a luxury, and I don’t have the means to pay for it. So I am going to use this space to write about all the trauma that I have been through. This is what I wish the most at the current stage of my life. To be able to get my story out of my head. To not be interrupted and be told that this or that didn’t happen. This is my truth, my reality and I don’t care who reads it.

If you happen to be my friend and you recognize from the stories that you actually know me, I am fine with that, you can ask me in person about whatever you read here. For everyone else, who is trying to recover: I know your struggle. It is hard. You are not alone, and I feel your pain. You know the best what you need to get out of it. Maybe you also want to consider to start writing. All the best!